HMI Technologies Autonomous Vehicles Expertise

In January 2017 HMI and Christchurch International Airport Limited (CIAL) partnered on NZ's first fully autonomous vehicle trial. The first in a series of trials that are a major step forward in preparing for autonomous vehicles being successfully and safely used on New Zealand roads. The initial trials will be held around Christchurch Airport, conducted safely on private airport roads.

This is a ground-breaking initiative, which firmly places HMI Technologies at the forefront in the delivery and deployment of this disruptive innovation technology, in Australasia and Asia-Pacific. It is also a first for an international airport in the use of these vehicles.
New Zealand has been identified as the best place in the world to carry out these trials, because Kiwis are early adopters of new technology and New Zealand offers supportive legislation and a wide range of climate and road conditions in a relatively small area.
The initial trial was established with three main objectives:
1. Understanding the technical and infrastructure requirements for fully autonomous vehicles to safely operate on New Zealand roads inside and beyond the airport environment.
2. The human and behavioural issues that need to be managed for these vehicles to operate safely on public roads inside and beyond the airport environment.
3. The safety use cases that the regulator will need to be satisfied with in order to license a fully autonomous vehicle for use on New Zealand roads

About the Smart Shuttle Autonomous Vehicle
The Smart Shuttle is a French manufactured fully autonomous vehicle called a NAVYA ARMA. It can carry up to 15 people and travel at speeds up to 45kph. Completely autonomous, it has no steering wheel and has guidance systems that combine many different types of technology including LIDARs, stereo vision, and odometry. It is also 100% electric and can operate on inductive charging. For full specifications and capabilities please contact us

Future Trials – HMI Technologies and Partners
HMI Technologies is committing to activating more autonomous vehicle trials in 2017. HMI Technologies has an incomparable depth of technical and regulatory understanding and commitment to supporting effective transport technology solutions.
We have appointed internationally respected Dave Verma as Director of Australasian Driverless Vehicle Initiatives to work with government agencies and commercial partners and facilities to establish more trials across the region.

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